Bright Stars Gymnastics Academy


Bright Stars is proud to offer a variety of different classes for the benefit of your child. From our Gymnastics Academy, to our Tumble Academy, to our Swim Academy, you are sure to find a program that meets your family's needs!



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Bright Stars Gymnastics Academy:   
Gymnasts will benefit through the use of our high performance trampoline, 40 foot tumble track, trench bar, pit bar, strap bar, tumble track bar and our huge foam pit.  Young children will enjoy the obstacle courses and circuits the instructors create.  Tunnels, parachutes, balloons, seasonal props and holiday themed items are just a sampling of what will be introduced in class.


Bright Stars Swim Academy:
Our certified instructors are excited to teach your child this important life skill. With classes for children as young as one to classes for the child that is just a few skills away from joining their local swim team, our instructors will help your family reach your swimming goals. Our indoor, heated pool ensures that your child can practice swimming all-year-round!


How important is a clean and safe gym to you?
It should be VERY important! Did you know we clean Bright Stars many times throughout each and every day? Every one of our staff members vacuums, dusts, disinfects and sanitizes. They do this prior to and following every shift they work throughout the week. We also bring our staff in a few times a year for a “deep clean” This is an all day project with a large number of our staff members!
Why so much?
Gymnastics schools and fitness facilities all have one thing in common......many people coming in and out, cold and flu season, students and families burning off calories and sweating. We pride ourselves in cleanliness, organization, safe equipment, and the fresh scent you smell when you walk through our doors. Have you ever been to a gym or a workout facility and smelled a “sour” odor? Most other gyms and fitness facilities do not take cleaning and sanitizing as seriously as we do here at Bright Stars.
To ensure equipment safety, routine equipment checks are done. All equipment is looked over and inspected on a regular basis to evaluate safety, efficiency and cleanliness.
We clean and check equipment for safety and comfort. We do it for you and your children.


Beam Gym:  
Our Beam gym has a wide range of beams, which include 8 high beams, multiple low beams and several floor beam training stations.