Why Gymnastics?

Gymnastics offers your child the opportunity to learn strength, flexibility, spatial awareness, and technique. Whether your child participates in one of our many recreational classes, our tumbling classes, or our team, these skills will benefit your child for a lifetime. No other sport allows students to develop such a strong sense of body awareness and balance. In addition, children will learn how to set goals, stay focused, and improve concentration. Gymnastics allows your child to become more well-rounded, as the focus on both the body and mind will naturally carry over into other aspects of their life, allowing your child to be the best he/she can be!





* What should my child wear?

For gymnastics classes- girls should wear a leotard with hair pulled back (or comfortable clothing for younger children). Boys should wear shorts and t-shirt. Children taking swim lesson should wear a bathing suit and bring a towel. Children that are not potty-trained are required to wear one of the Swim Diapers that we offer for sale.

* Is there a membership fee?

Yes, we have an annual membership fee. The fee is $40 for one child. This fee is due annually.  Members receive a special gift during their Birthday Month, priority enrollment for the summer and school year sessions, and discounts on birthday parties and special events.  We also offer sibling discounts and discounts on classes when a child is enrolled in multiple classes. 

* If I am a member, do I get any special discounts?

Yes, we truly value our loyal members. Your membership entitles you to priority registration and many discounts. Members receive a discount at many of our special events and receive a discounted price on all birthday parties.

* How many classes does my tuition cover?

**Tuition for swim and gymnastics classes is for an 8 week pay period.  **Tuition for tumbling classes and all team programs is paid on a monthly basis. 


Monthly Tuition payment remains the same whether it is a long (5 week) or short (3 week) month and regardless of absences. Tumbling Students may attend a make up class for if an absence occurs in a scheduled class. 


To ensure the quality of our team program and an appropriate coach to child ratio we do not offer make up options for missed team practices. 


*When is tuition due?


Tuition for children currently in our swim and gym classes is due two weeks prior to the start of the new pay period.  Monthly tuition for team and our tumbling program is due on the 25th of the each month and is applied toward the following month. Tuition for a child just starting out in one of our programs is due at the time of enrollment.

 * Do you sell leotards, swim caps, swim goggles or swim diapers?

Bright Stars has a great pro shop located in suite 4 which is our gym lobby.  We carry items to fit all of your gymnastics needs, including:  GK leos, GK shorts, pre-wrap, and tape. In addition, we have swim caps, goggles and swim diapers (reusble/washable).  Be sure to stop in our Pro Shop the next time you visit Bright Stars! 

* Do you offer a Referral Program?

Yes we do!  
Bright Stars Academy is proud to offer a Referral Reward Program to all our loyal families! We appreciate you spreading the word about our wonderful programs - so, to thank you, we offer $20.00 off your tuition (per family) for each new student that you refer and joins our program for, at least, 1 full pay period! Our greatest compliment is when current members refer us to friends and families and we would like to show our appreciation!

HOW THE PROGRAM WORKS...1. You tell all your friends and family about Bright Stars Academy 2. One (or more) of your friends or family members decides to try out our program. When they enroll in a weekly class for at least one pay period, all they need to do is include your name on their membership form! 3. If that person is a new student and they join for at least one (1) full pay period, you get $20.00 off your pay period!! It's THAT easy!! Earn $20.00 off your next pay period PER REFERRAL. There are no limits on the amount of referral credits you may earn so you could very well refer enough families to actually earn FREE tuition for your child! It's a GREAT WAY to save money for yourself - and to help us expand Bright Stars Academy!!

Referral Program Flyer

* Does Bright Stars host Field Trips?

Yes, Bright Stars does host field trips for various youth organizations.  Please go to our General Info Tab and see Field Trips.

* Does Bright Stars ever give donations?

Here at Bright Stars Academy, we have put together gift baskets that can be used for auctions or donation giveaways. Each basket will include a variety of fun themed goodies and can be used to encourage donations to your organization.

We are able to sponsor local events that are a direct benefit to children in our area by providing gift baskets.  Just give us a call and we can discuss the details of sponsorship for your next gathering.

*What if we are unhappy with the first class?

We are so sure your child will love their class that we stand fully behind our programs.  If after attending your child's class you are not completely satisfied, we ask that you please let our Hospitality Staff know. We’ll do everything we can to correct the situation. If you are still not satisfied, and we have been notified within 10 days of your child's enrollment, we’ll refund your money (tuition for the class and membership fee) to show our appreciation for choosing to do business with us.  

* Employment Opportunities

We are always looking for energetic staff members! If you are interested in coaching gymnastics, teaching swim lessons, being a birthday party host, or are a certified lifeguard, please contact us:

Phone: 609.926.2682



Thank you for contacting us!Someone will be in touch soon!