Why Gymnastics?

Gymnastics offers your child the opportunity to learn strength, flexibility, spatial awareness, and technique. Whether your child participates in one of our many recreational classes, our tumbling classes, or our team, these skills will benefit your child for a lifetime. No other sport allows students to develop such a strong sense of body awareness and balance. In addition, children will learn how to set goals, stay focused, and improve concentration. Gymnastics allows your child to become more well-rounded, as the focus on both the body and mind will naturally carry over into other aspects of their life, allowing your child to be the best he/she can be!



Team Sponsorship

Bright Stars has teams that range in levels 2-10 and ages 3-16. The girls work train hard for many hours each week depending upon their levels. The gymnasts compete in USA  Gymnastics. They participate in local, regional and national competitions. We take pride in the distinction the girls have brought to the team and the community. We are proud of the achievements they've attained and the positive inspiration their spirit of competitiveness provides for Bright Stars. We are fortunate to have some gymnasts who are New Jersey State Champions.

Sponsorship will assist with offsetting the team’s expenses which include specialized equipment, coaching, safety education and competition fees. The success of our Team program can be directly attributed to Sponsorship.  Anyone can be a Sponsor by participating in our yearly Ad Book for the Annual Gym Show, our Banner Program or through Direct Sponsorship.

Team Sponsorship Information


Gold Level Sponsors

Rothman Institute

Dr. Tucker & Dr. Ong

Colmar Kitchen & Bath Center





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