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2016-2017 Closings/Early Closings


Monday- 9/4- Labor Day

Tuesday- 10/31- Halloween after 5pm

Thursday - 11/23- Thanksgiving

Sunday- 12/24- Christmas Eve

Monday- 12/25- Christmas

Inclement Weather Policy
Weather decisions are NOT aligned with any particular School District: Bright Stars Gymnastics Academy serves many school districts. Additionally, with an activity start time from 9am-8pm, what may be 'tough sledding' at one moment may be 'smooth sailing' an hour or two later. Please let GOOD JUDGEMENT prevail and make your own driving decisions based on YOUR local conditions, driving skill and vehicle. A make-up class can be scheduled if your child needs to miss class.

Closing Policy
There are several ways we will inform you if Bright Stars will be closed or delayed in opening due to winter weather! Closing decisions will be made at least 1 hour prior to event or class start time.
As a reminder closing and delays are always for the safety of our
families and staff!
1. We will send an email
2. Check our Facebook Page: Bright Stars Gymnastics Academy
3. Check our Web Site:
4. Check our Instagram Page: Bright Stars Gym