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School Age Gymnastics




Our School Year Session is now underway.  Enrollment is ongoing and a FREE TRIAL CLASS! 

Bring a Friend Special for Gymnastics

At Bright Stars Gymnastics, once your child enters Kindergarten, they will be part of our school-age program. At this time the girls and boys classes are generally split into based on age and level criteria. All of our carefully thought out classes are designed to foster your child's love of physical fitness and gymnastics in a fun, challenging environment.

Based upon the premise that ALL children benefit from training their young bodies and minds, emphasis is placed on body awareness, speed, agility, flexibility and strength. Classes are modeled after the USA Gymnastics level progressions. The athletes will train on the actual gymnastics apparatus for their level and gender.

Gymnastics training enhances many other sports, including soccer, football, dance, basketball and track. "Fast twitch' muscles, necessary for explosive speed and quickness are naturally awakened through vault and floor training. Early training in upper body strength can be crucial for the future diver, pole-vaulter or baseball star, and can begin with early gymnastics training.

Our Tuition is now based upon a eight week pay period.  It can be pro-rated to allow ongoing enrollment.

*Girls should wear a leotard to gymnastics class*

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Benefits of Participating in Gymnastics at Bright Stars

*Our Tumbling Classes can be found under our Tumbling Academy Tab*



  KinderBeginner 55-minute class


This class is appropriate kindergarten girls.  Students will be taught the basic essentials of gymnastics including but not limited to proper rolls (forward, backward, dive and straddle), squat on vaults, casting on bars, mounts, dismounts and jumping on beam.


“Bright Stars is very clean and always has exciting events. We are very happy with everything at Bright Stars!”

 Beginner  55-minute class


Beginner classes are appropriate for students who have are in first grade and beyond. This introductory level class will allow children to learn progressions and skills appropriate for their age and ability. 


 “Even though it’s a commute from Mays Landing, I wouldn’t go anywhere else!” – M.K. 


 Intermediate (1st grade and up: Invitation Only)  60-minute class


Our Intermediate classes are designed for student who have successfully learned the skills taught in our Novice  2 program. This class is a great opportunity to experience new skills, while perfecting old ones. A gymnast must achieve certain skills to be invited to this program. 


“She has learned more here in the short time she was enrolled than in the other place she was enrolled for 6 months. Bright Stars is clean and everyone is friendly.” – L.F.


Advanced (7 & up: Invitation Only)  60-minute class

  Our Advanced class focuses on more advanced skills on all four Olympic events (vault, bars, beam and floor. At this level, self-discipline and internal motivation become emerging benefits for the athlete. Gymnasts enrolled in this class must be able to perform the following skills: Bars: chin-up pull-over, hollow body cast push away, back hip circle, and 3 chin-ups. Floor: back bend kick-over, consecutive cartwheels, run, hurdle, round-off, and rebound. Vault: sprint, dive roll, sprint, hurdle, and straight jump onto mat stack. Beam: handstand or cartwheel on low beam, skipping, and tuck jump. 


“Bright Stars is clean, the staff is friendly and highly skilled. It is a beautiful gym!” – A.S.


Top Notch (7 & up: Invitation Only)  60-minute class

  Our Top Notch class focuses on advanced skills on all four Olympic events (vault, bars, beam and floor. At this level, self-discipline and internal motivation become emerging benefits for the athlete. 


Beginner Tween (10-14 year old girls) 55 minutes

This class will be a perfect fit for girls ages 10-14 who are new to gymnastics. The girls will enjoy the opportunity to learn basic gymnastics skills on bars, beam, floor vault and trampoline with the comfort of being in class with girls their own age.  



NOTE: All students progress at varying levels. Children will advance to the next level when they attain specific skills.  Please understand Bright Stars teaches skill progressions leading up to specific skills on all events. For example, if a child is unable to do a round-off but has been working on it for a period of time, he/she is likely able to do several of the progressions leading up to that skill.  Please understand children reach milestones prior to attaining a specific skill and we pride ourselves on celebrating growth which builds confident children.