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Bright Stars Gymnastics Academy offers programs designed to promote age-appropriate skill development in the fun and safe environment of our state of the art facility.  Your child will be able to build an athletic foundation for all sports through the strength, flexibility, and coordination that only the challenge of gymnastics can offer.  As the children progress, we seek to develop such principles as goal setting, time management, sportsmanship, dedication, and discipline.  All of which are important life-skills taught in each and every one of our programs.  All of these aspects of learning contribute to a positive self-image and personal success. Bright Stars utilizes the newest and most innovative gymnastics techniques and equipment to introduce technical gymnastics training.  Spotting and safety mats are used to introduce new skills.


Our Teams

 Bright Stars Gymnastics Academy Teams

Bright Stars Competitive Team Mission Statement


  • To learn sportsmanship, loyalty, teamwork and commitment in a positive environment.

  • To focus on the quality not the quantity of training

  • To teach the athlete to have fun while setting attainable goals not only in the sport of gymnastics but also in life.

  • To build an environment of support and dedication from the athletes, coaches and parents forming the triangle of success.

  • To provide competitions that give an opportunity for individual accomplishments and exciting challenges.

Bright Stars State and Regional Champions and National Qualifiers



 Is your daughter interested in becoming part of our team?


Our teams offer a great deal of versatility.  We have many teams with a wide variety of levels, time and financial commitment.  Some of our teams travel and some do not.  Some of our teams practice for as little as one and a half hours per week.  


If your child is currently on another team and is seeking a different experience please contact us.  We will be happy to evaluate her and see where she could fit into our team program.  We offer one free evaluation week to each gymnast interested in joining our team.  We will then evaluate and place her on the appropriate team/level.


Our team gymnasts are friendly and our team programs are the most affordable in our area.





Training Team: Ages 4-6 (Invitation Only)

Gymnasts are invited to participate on our training team based on their natural physical abilities as well as their eagerness to learn and perfect skills. Gymnasts eventually move from our training team to our USAG or All Stars Team program. Our training team gymnasts meet for (2) two hour practices per week. The goal of this team is to prepare for on of our competitive team.


USAG:  Junior Olympic and Xcel team programs 


USA Gymnastics competitive program.  Gymnasts begin competing compulsory with our Level 3 team.  Opportunities include competing in local, state regional, national and international competitions.  Our teams have enjoyed great success earning many first place finishes in prestigious competitions throughout the US.  Bright Stars has had numerous state, regional and national champion gymnasts!  We currently have girls competing levels 3-10.  Bright Stars currently offers a traditional after school training program as well as a homeschool training program.


The USAG XCEL Program is designed to offer broad-based, affordable competitive experience outside the traditional Junior Olympic program to attract and retain a diverse group of athletes.  We currently offer Bronze through Platinum levels.

XCEL gymnasts will have the opportunity to compete in great competitions in NJ and PA.  The USAG program will allow gymnasts to train fewer hours per week  leaving time for other activities while still being part of a USAG program!  XCEL is a program that is comparable in some ways to USAIGC, yet XCEL is overseen by USA Gymnastics.





Makayla Green

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TOPs Training Program

TOPs (Talent Opportunity Program), is a talent search for female gymnasts ages 7-10.  During the months of May, June and July gymnasts age 7-10 are evaluated on physical abilities at the state or regional level.   From there, athletes are invited to participate in the National TOPs test.  Bright Stars is proud to have qualified a gymnast to National Tops Testing our very first year in the program!  We are also proud of to have one of our seven year old athletes named to the National Diamond Team.


Bright Stars owner, Bonnie Petitt is a New Jersey co-manager for TOPS.  


Hot Shots (Ages 4-6)

Training Team and Level two team gymnasts are invited to take part in our Hot Shots program. Gymnasts will train physical abilities as they create a strong foundation for competitive gymnastics. The goal of this program is for the gymnasts to further develop.


Little Hot Shots (Ages 3-5 Invite only)

Gymnasts from our advanced preschool program who show physical talent as well as desire and determination to push forward are invited to take part in this program. This program breaks down TOPs physical abilities to increase strength, coordination and flexibility.

 All Star Team

This team is designed for gymnasts and tumblers (5 years and older) showing the interest and developmental ability to be part of a competitive team.  Our All Star team has an option of one or two practices per week.  The All Star teams compete routines which allows them the opportunity to showcase their individual strengths.  The Girls All Star team (levels: copper, silver, gold, platinum) will participate in two friendly competitions against their teammates at meets held in our gym.  Each gymnast is awarded and recognized at our competitions.  The level of commitment for this team is comparable to a recreational sport yet it allows the opportunity to be part of our amazing team program.

This is the perfect team for a recreational/competitive gymnast. 


 “It’s the cleanest gym I have ever seen! We love the staff- everyone is so friendly and I feel like the coaches, front desk staff, and Bonnie really care about our kids.” –C.D




We reccomend the following grips for All Star Platinum level and USAG Xcel Silver level gymnasts.  Please follow the instructions on the site to accurately measure your daughter.  

DGS US Glove Hot Shot

Wristbands may be purchased at Bright Stars and must be worn with grips.











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