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Our School Year Session is now underway.  Enrollment is ongoing and we offer a FREE TRIAL CLASS! 


 Weekly Back Handspring Clinics


 Is your child interested in learning how to tumble?  Do you have a cheerleader or dancer looking to increase the level of his/her tumbling skills?  If so, Bright Stars is the place to be!  


We offer a great deal of scheduling flexibility within our tumbling program.  Sign up for one, two or three days per week. Tuition is paid monthly and the number of classes your child enrolls in may vary from month to month depending on his/her availability!  We offer affordable exciting classes and amazing discounts for those children enrolling in multiple classes per week.  

Monthly Tuition for our 55 minute classes:

1 day per week $70.00

2 days per week $115.00

3 days per week $145.00* 

  Our tumbling program uses state-of-the-art equipment, making us one of the most complete training centers in New Jersey.  Skills taught include: round offs, bridge and back bend kick over, right through round off, back handsprings back layouts with a full twist.  We begin with Air Tracks and progress to Tumble Trak and Trampoline, then skill training mats and finally onto the Spring Floor.  Our foam filled pit provides a softer and more forgiving surface for the difficult to master landings.  The variety of progressions and apparatus help our staff deliver a more rewarding experience to any athlete that is striving for that "dream tumbling pass" without all of the frustration that usually accompanies the monotony of repeated efforts. 

*Tumblers should wear either shorts and a fitted tee or a leotard. 

Tumble 1 (Ages 6 and older) 55 minutes

This class focuses on bridge kickovers, back bends, back and front walkovers, back handspring drills, building stronger round-offs and handstand holds.  The requirements for this class are handstand, bridge and strong cartwheels.


Tumble 2 (Ages 6 and older) 55 minutes


The focus of this class is back and front handsprings, round-off back handsprings, round offs and side aerials.  The requirements are round-off rebound, bridge or back bend, bridge kickover, and front limber on the floor.




Tumble 3 (Ages 6 and older) 55 minutes

The focus of this class is back tucks, layouts, twisting and increasing the overall power and speed of tumbling skills.  Side and front aerails will also be taught.  The requirements for this class are round-off back handsprings, front handsprings, and front and back walkovers.







*Monthly Tuition payment remains the same whether it is a long (5 week) or short (3 week) month and regardless of absences. Students may attend a make up class for if an absence occurs in a scheduled class.




Tumbling and Acro Program



Tumbling and Acro program for advanced high school tumblers!  This class will be added to our weekly schedule in the Spring.

Acro & Tumbling is a fast growing, collegiate sport that provides so many opportunities for female athletes. 

Typically College Acro & Tumbling rosters consist of athletes with a background in artistic gymnastics, acrobatic gymnastics, trampoline and tumbling, diving, and high level competitive cheer. All meets are sanctioned by USA gymnastics and scholarships are offered by many schools. 

The beauty of this sport specifically is how much opportunity it creates for female athletes wanting to compete at the college level. Many gymnasts feel they have nowhere to go because collegiate gymnastics is so competitive. Acrobatics & Tumbling really bridges the gap for gymnasts, tumblers, divers and cheerleaders and gives them a chance to compete their skill set in college. Not every athlete competes in every event during the meets, so like other sports, schools look for different athletes with particular skills sets. Colleges are looking for athletes who are strong, have clean tumbling. 

Our Tumbling and Acro program will be offered two nights per week and will allow the girls to fine tune skills,gain new skills and build strength and flexibility.


Is your daughter a cheerleader or dancer? Did you know we love to teach cheerleaders and dancers how to tumble? Give us a call to enroll your dancer or cheerleader into one of our tumbling classes. We can also accommodate cheer and dance teams. We would be happy to set up a clinic to meet the needs of your team.


"Lulu loved being there and it made a huge difference in her confidence. I think Sarah was her teacher (she did cartwheel boot camp. The change in my daughter after two times (attitude and aptitude) make me wish I was able to bring her there year round."