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Preschool Gymnastics

Enrollment is ongoing! 

At Bright Stars, we know that there is no better time for your children to grow and learn more rapidly than from the age of 1 until they enter Kindergarten. Our preschool classes and gymnastics lesson plans were designed with that in mind. All of our preschool gymnastics classes are taught in our main gym as well as our specially designed preschool room which will allow your child feel more secure and allows them to better maintain focus. Your child will participate in age-appropriate activities designed to enhance coordination, strength, flexibility, hand-eye coordination, and exploration while learning gymnastics on specially designed equipment just their size.

Our primary goal is to create a fun environment where we build a strong foundation of gymnastics skills to take them wherever they choose to go in sports. All of our preschool classes have an ideal child/instructor ratio which allows the instructor to have more time to focus on each child.

Boys and Girls should wear comfortable clothing to class.  Girls should wear a leotard and have their hair pulled back.




"Benefits of Preschool Gymnastics"

"Parent / Tot Policies"




Parent Tot (Boys and Girls - 18months - 3yrs.)  45 Minutes

Our preschool size equipment and circuits designed specifically for little ones allows our our “Parent/Tot” classes to work on gross motor skills in a playful, socially enriched environment. Classes are based on progressive lesson plans and learning objectives are met through music, repetition, encouragement and recognition.  Basic gymnastics skills are introduced such as rolling, swinging, and balancing. This is an excellent way for children to become comfortable with the gym environment as well as following instruction. It also allows for the development of social skills. (This is a parent participation where an adult must go into the gym with the child.)

“Many classes to choose from! Great staff that is just the right combo of positive, motivational, and tough” – B.E.  


Toddler 2.5/3.5 (Boys and Girls) 30 Minutes  

This program is by invitation only.   This high energy, action packed class is sure to foster healthy independence and confidence. Children will work independently from a parent and will be introduced to key concepts such as taking turns, sharing, listening and following directions. Our carefully designed lesson plans and objectives will capture your child’s imagination while developing gross motor skills and early gymnastics activities such as rolling, walking on a balance beam and swinging and strength activities on bars. 



*Students participating in our Toddler 2.5/3.5 program MUST be a “graduate” of our Parent/Tot class.


 “Our daughter has been here for a year and has progressed nicely. She likes the fish rug and friendships that she has made. She’s getting socialization and learning new skills every class”- C.M. 


Preschool 3/4 (Boys and Girls)  45-minutes 

This action packed class is designed to teach children body awareness, flexibility and strength in a fun and interactive environment.  Structured classes are based on progressive lesson plans that introduce a variety of basic gymnastics skills including forward and backward rolling, basic handstands and cartwheels, and an introduction to bars and balance beam.  Children participate in our Preschool 3/4 class independently.  Children must be fully potty trained in order to enroll in this class.  


“Bright Stars exceeds my expectations and is superior to other gyms I have visited or worked in. Welcoming and Friendly staff, skilled coaches, clean, clean, clean! We are thankful for finding Bright Stars years ago and look forward to many more years of fun here.” – J.A.


Little Ninja Warrior  (Boys 3-4 years) 45 Minutes 

Preschool 4/5 (Girls Only)  45-minutes 

Preschool 4/5 are making huge strides in their physical, social and cognitive development that enable them to take on increasingly challenging skills! This girls only class helps build strength and confidence as they continue to learn skills on the floor, balance beam, bars, trampoline and vault. Emphasis is placed on proper form and technique to build a strong foundation for gymnastics.


“Bright Stars is clean and constantly being updated.”- N.C.


Ninja Warrior Jr.  (Boys 4-5 years) 45 Minutes

Advanced Preschool  (Girls Only / Invitation Only)  60-minutes 

This is an advanced girls preschool class.  Girls are invited to this class based on their natural ability to learn gymnastics skills, build strength and increase flexibility.  Great listening skills is necessary for this fast paced preschool class.  Emphasis is placed on proper form and technique to build a strong foundation for gymnastics.




We are so sure your child will love their class that we stand fully behind our programs.  If after attending your child's class you are not completely satisfied, we ask that you please let our Hospitality Staff know. We’ll do everything we can to correct the situation. If you are still not satisfied, and we have been notified within 10 days of your child's enrollment, we’ll refund your money (tuition for the class and membership fee) to show our appreciation for choosing to do business with us.