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Ninja Warrior

Our School Year Session is now underway.  Enrollment is ongoing and a FREE TRIAL CLASS! 
Bright Stars offers several great class choices for boys and girls! Our classes are designed for specific age groups and ability levels. Each one of our classes provides a wonderful foundation for every other sport! What child would not want to have more strength, balance, coordination, upper body, lower body and core strength than their counterparts. Our classes will allow your child the opportunity to grow and develop into an amazing athlete! Enroll your child today and give him or her a jump start!
Ninja Information Sheet
“My husband and I notice how much better our son moves and his strength and flexibility has improved.”- C.M. 
Little Ninja Warrior  (Boys 3-4 years) 45 Minute class
Ninja Warrior Jr.  (Boys 4-5 years) 45 Minute class
Ninja Warrior (Boys first grade and older 7) 55 minute class

Girls Ninja Warrior (Girls First grade and older) 55 minute class

Ninja Warrior Flyer



       Our Ninja classes include exciting and challenging obstacle course training, gymnastics, tumbling & martial arts!   Ninja Training will include Ninja style flips, rolls, tumbling, kicks, vaults and more.  Just like what you would see on a video game or in the movies!  Beyond skills, our curriculum teaches and develops confidence, discipline, self control, body awareness, strength, flexibility, speed and agility.    Our Ninja program has grown and developed this past year and we are now offering an intermediate class for Ninja Warriors and Ninja Warrior Juniors.  Our Intermediate classes are by invite only.


Ninja Warrior  (Girls 1st Grade and older) 55 Minutes
This class will be offered again in September




A high energy tumbling and conditioning class specifically designed for girls interested in body movement as a way of propelling around/across an area.  The class will use principles of balance and strength training to develop body awareness with safety as a priority.  The girls will enjoy climbing, swinging and navigating through obstacles that will increase strength, agility and coordination. tumble basics such as cartwheels and roundoffs will be also be taught throughout our state of the art facility. 

Boys Gymnastics  55-minute class 
Our Boys instructional gymnastics classes are structured around increasing strength, agility, focus and physical fitness. The boys will work on each of the six pieces of equipment in boys gymnastics - floor, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars and high bar. As in all of our instructional classes, the curriculum and skills are based on guidelines set forth by USA Gymnastics.
“My experiences at Bright Stars have been so much better than other local gyms. They are helpful, inclusive, and professional.” K.B. 





Building upper body strength will eventually allow him to swing a bat harder...lookout outfielders!
*Boys should wear comfortable athletic clothes free of buckles, belts and zippers.*