Preschool Gymnastics

 Benefits of Preschool Gymnastics
At Bright Stars, we know that there is no better time for your children to grow and learn more rapidly than from the age of 1 until they enter Kindergarten. Our preschool classes and gymnastics lesson plans were designed with that in mind. All of our preschool gymnastics classes are taught in our main gym as well as our specially designed preschool room which will allow your child feel more secure and allows them to better maintain focus. Your child will participate in age-appropriate activities designed to enhance coordination, strength, flexibility, hand-eye coordination, and exploration while learning gymnastics on specially designed equipment just their size.
Our primary goal is to create a fun environment where we build a strong foundation of gymnastics skills to take them wherever they choose to go in sports. All of our preschool classes have an ideal child/instructor ratio which allows the instructor to have more time to focus on each child.
Boys and Girls should wear comfortable clothing to class.  Girls should wear a leotard and have their hair pulled back.
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