Is your child interested in learning how to tumble?  Do you have a cheerleader or dancer looking to increase their level of tumbling and acro skills?  If so, Bright Stars is the place to be!  
We offer a great deal of scheduling flexibility within our tumbling program.  Sign up for one, two or three days per week. We offer affordable exciting classes and amazing discounts for those children enrolling in multiple classes per week.  
Our Power Tumbling and Trampoline program uses state-of-the-art equipment, making us one of the most complete training centers in New Jersey.  Skills taught include: round offs, bridge and back bend kick over, right through round off, back handsprings back layouts with a full twist.  We begin with Air Tracks and progress to Tumble Trak and Trampoline, then skill training mats and finally onto the Spring Floor.  Our foam filled pit provides a softer and more forgiving surface for the difficult to master landings.  The variety of progressions and apparatus help our staff deliver a more rewarding experience to any athlete that is striving for that "dream tumbling pass" without all of the frustration that usually accompanies the monotony of repeated efforts. 

Acro/Tumbling Program for Dancers

Our Acro/Tumbling program is ideal for dancers looking to expand their ability to tumble. The focus of this program will be to develop acro/tumbling skills which will strengthen a dancers repertoire.   
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