Bright Stars offers a FREE TRIAL class to new members!  

We welcome you to schedule a free trial class for your children in any one of our Swim, Gymnastics, Tumbling or Ninjazone programs. 
Frequently asked questions regarding our FREE TRIAL class:
Q: Is my child qualified to take a free trial class?
A: All children who are new to Bright Stars may enroll in one free trial class if you choose to do so prior to enrolling in a class.  The free trial must be in a class which is age-appropriate for your child.  The child should trial the class at the anticipated level he/she would be enrolling in.  Our instructors will asses your child during the free trial class and make a class/level recommendation
Q: Why do you offer a free trial?
A: Bright stars Academy offers a free trial class to ensure your child enjoys class before enrolling. Second, for our staff to place your child in the most successful level based on their current abilities.
Q: When are your trial classes offered?
A: Trial classes are offered in any regularly scheduled class with (2 or more) openings. Again, we can schedule trials no more than 48 hours of when you are looking to come in as the trial holds a spot in the class for your child.
Q: How do I schedule a free trial?
A: Your free trial can be scheduled over the phone/in person with one of our front desk staff members.  Free trial classes can be scheduled within 48 hours of a scheduled class.  This will allow us to ensure their is space in the class you would like to try.  
Q: What will my child do during a free trial?
A: Your child will join a class of enrolled students so they get a 100% accurate representation of what our classes are like.
Q: What should my child wear for class?
A: Gym classes: Athletic attire is recommended. Boys should wear well gym shorts/pants and t-shirt. Girls should wear a leotard if they have one, although a fitted shirt/tank top and shorts.  Long hair should be secured back and please make sure to remove any jewelry or accessories before class.   Swim classes: A swim suit, goggles and a swim cap if you have one.  Children who are not fully potty trained must wear our IPLAY ultimate swim diaper.  They are sold at our facility.  
Q: What happens after my child's trial class? Are they enrolled? If not, when should I enroll them into class?
A: Your child is not automatically enrolled into the class through a trial. We recommend enrolling your child into class the same day as your trial to guarantee your child's spot in that class. If enrollment is not handled that day, your child will be dropped from that class and the spot will open back up to the public for enrollment.
Q: Does my child have to sign up for the same class as the trial?
A: While many people choose to enroll in the same class for convenience, you are not required to do so. Provided there is space, you can enroll in a class that meets another day or time.
Q: Do I have to wait until the next session starts before I enroll?
A: No.  New families may enroll immediately as we will pro-rate your tuition for the remainder of the session.
Q: What is the cost if I sign up?
A: Please refer to our current schedule for class tuition pricing. An annual membership fee of $40 per student (family cap of $65) is also due upon enrollment. Tuition is billed monthly.

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