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We provide a safe and exciting environment to experience the fun and fitness of gymnastics.

Our History

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Our Facility

Our 23,000 square foot facility, conveniently located in Egg Harbor Township, is housed in a 30,000 square foot building. Our gym features state-of-the-art design as well as multiple sets of preschool, gymnastics and Ninja Warrior training equipment. For your comfort and safety, the facility is cleaned and sanitized daily. In addition to our gym, Bright Stars is happy to offer a warm and comfortable pool for the enjoyment of all of our young swimmers.

Gymnasts, tumblers, and Ninja Warriors will benefit through the use of our high-performance trampoline, 40-foot tumble track, trench bar, pit bar, strap bar, tumble track bar and our huge foam pit.  Young children will enjoy the obstacle courses and circuits the instructors create.  Tunnels, parachutes, balloons, seasonal props, and holiday-themed items are just a sampling of what will be introduced in our preschool gym classes.

For our swimmers, the indoor swimming pool is heated to a tropical 90 degrees year round. We also keep the air temperature toasty warm to allow the children to feel comfortable and optimize learning. The children are more likely to be relaxed in the warmth as they are learning to swim. And for their safety, we utilize a state-of-the-art water purification system to keep our pool clean and sanitary. During our open swim and birthday events we offer a splash zone for the children to enjoy.

How important is a clean and safe gym for you?

It should be VERY important! Did you know we clean Bright Stars many times throughout each and every day? Our staff members vacuum, dust, disinfect and sanitize. We also bring our staff in a few times a year for a “deep clean” This is an all-day project with a large number of our staff members!

Why so much?

Gymnastics schools and fitness facilities all have one thing in common......many people coming in and out, cold and flu season, students and families burning off calories and sweating. We pride ourselves in cleanliness, organization, safe equipment, and the fresh scent you smell when you walk through our doors. Have you ever been to a gym or a workout facility and smelled a “sour” odor? Most other gyms and fitness facilities do not take cleaning and sanitizing as seriously as we do here at Bright Stars.

To ensure equipment safety, routine equipment checks are done. All equipment is looked over and inspected on a regular basis to evaluate safety, efficiency, and cleanliness.

We clean and check equipment for safety and comfort. We do it for you and your children.



"Excellent environment for kids to learn how to swim! The staff is very helpful and very nice." ~ L. V.

"We love the open play! No better place to get out that crazy energy with a really great staff." ~ R. T.

"My daughter and son both are involved at Bright Stars in Gymnastics as well as the Ninja program. The coaches are great and love what they do. The facility is immaculate. They are very good at making sure your children are in the appropriate level class. We love it! Highly recommend to anyone considering getting their children involved!" ~  D. K.

"My grandkids have been going to Bright stars since they were four years old. They always have great times and I know they are safe there! I would recommend it to any child. They get to have fun and socialize with other children." ~ L. N.

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