Make-Up Policy

Missed a Class?

Missed Class Policy 2023-2

Bright Stars Illness Policy

To ensure the safety of your child as well as all of the other children here at Bright Stars, please be aware of the following illness policy:
Parents should not allow their child to participate in class if the child is experiencing any of the following symptoms:
  • Vomiting (within 48 hours)
  • Rash, lice or nits (body rash, especially with a fever or itching)
  • Diarrhea (two or more watery stools in 48 hours)
  • Eye infection (thick mucus or pus draining from the eye)
  • Unusually tired, pale, lack of appetite, confused, or cranky
  • Fever (temperature of 100° (F) or more)

Make-up Policy

Gym Make-Up Policy:

  • For your convenience, we offer make-up days on Saturdays during the school year for most levels. During the summer we offer different make-up options as we are closed on Saturdays. These make-up classes are available for children that are currently enrolled.
  • Missed classes can only be made up within 90 days of the date missed.
  • All children are limited to one make-up class a month.
  • All Preschool classes will have a 40-minute class and School-age classes will have a 55-minute make-up class.
  • Open Gym is also an option for Preschool Gym to make up a class.  Open Gym is not offered in July and August.

Parent/child classes are:

  • One/Two Pea

Preschool classes are:

  • Girls Three Pea
  • Girls Four Pea
  • Hot Shots
  • Ninja Warrior Yellow
  • Ninja Warrior Green
  • Ninja Warrior Blue

School-age classes are:

  • Girls Kinder Gym
  • Girls Level 1 Gymnastics
  • Girls Level 2 Gymnastics
  • Girls Level 3 Gymnastics
  • Girls Level 4 Gymnastics
  • Ninja Warrior Red
  • Ninja Warrior Black
  • Ninja Warrior White
  • Beginner Tumble
  • Intermediate Tumble
  • Advanced Tumble

All Star Team Make-Ups are currently offered twice a week for all levels.

Swim Make-Up Policy

Swim make-ups are typically offered twice per month throughout the School Year session.  We offer them as a courtesy but we are not always able to accommodate all make up requests.  Make up classes are strictly limited to one make up class every calendar month.

Pre-registration is required for these make-ups. All children must be currently enrolled in a class in order to attend a make-up.

  • All children eligible for a make-up MUST pre-register at the front desk either in person, via our parent  portal or by phone in order to reserve their spot. (609) 926-2682
  • Any child NOT pre-registered WILL NOT be permitted to attend the make-up class and will have to enroll for a future date. We have this policy in place for the safety of the children and also to allow our instructors to offer the highest quality class possible.
  • Once a make up class is scheduled we DO NOT permit making up the scheduled make up class without a note from your child’s physician. 
  • Bright Stars is proud to be one of very few swim programs in our area to offer the opportunity to make up a missed class.  With that said, our make up policy does not always work for all families.  
  • We stress the importance of attending weekly class to allow for consistent growth and development. 
  • If your child is experiencing a medical issue affecting more than 2 classes please contact us and we will discuss options for your child.  

Make-up Policy For Inclement Weather

If for some reason Bright Stars should have to cancel classes due to inclement weather you will have the opportunity to make up the missed class time. You will have 3 months to make up this missed class.

Following a closing additional preschool open gym and open swim times may be added to our current schedule to help accommodate make-ups.

Bright Stars will communicate any closings regarding inclement weather via our website, email/text, and social media.

Closing Policy

There are several ways we will inform you if Bright Stars will be closed or delayed in opening due to winter weather! Closing decisions will be made at least 1 hour prior to event or class start time.

As a reminder closing and delays are always for the safety of our families and staff!

  1. We will send an email.
  2. We will send a text (please be sure to opt-in to receive text messages)
  3. Check our Facebook Page: Bright Stars Gymnastics Academy
  4. Check our Instagram Page: Bright Stars Gym