Ninja Warrior

Our Ninja Warrior classes ignite confidence while increasing strength, coordination and agility!

At Bright Stars, we believe in year-round physical fitness in order for children to learn to stay fit and healthy.  Join us today to find out why our Ninja Warrior program is ideal for your child!

Only at Bright Stars, will you find we have a set curriculum developed for every level.  We pride ourselves on offering a consistent product with great results.  Bright Stars is proud to be an official Ninja Warrior location.

Your child will enjoy Ninja Warrior training which includes doing flips, rolls, and kicks. The gymnastics training and obstacle courses are both designed to help improve total body coordination, build strength, and improve agility. Beyond skill, this class teaches: Self-confidence, Discipline, Impulse control, Responsibility, Instinctual safety (how to roll when you fall - how to avoid injury… great for use in other sports) and Improves agility.



Bright Stars Gymnastics Academy offers programs designed to promote age-appropriate skill development in the fun and safe environment of our state of the art facility.  Your child will be able to build an athletic foundation for all sports through the strength, flexibility, and coordination that only the challenge of gymnastics can offer.  As the children progress, we seek to develop such principles as goal setting, time management, sportsmanship, dedication, and discipline.  All of which are important life-skills taught in each and every one of our programs.  All of these aspects of learning contribute to a positive self-image and personal success. Bright Stars utilizes the newest and most innovative gymnastics techniques and equipment to introduce technical gymnastics training.  Spotting and safety mats are used to introduce new skills.

**  All children must be fully potty trained to enroll in the Little Ninja Warrior Class.

Our Ninja Warrior, gymnastics and tumbling classes allow children to increase strength, agility, speed, balance, and coordination which is the foundation needed to allow success in all other sports.

Ninja Warrior class students should wear their Ninja Warrior shirt. Shirts can be purchased at the front desk for $25.00. Boys attending gymnastics or tumbling classes should wear COMFORTABLE ATHLETIC CLOTHES FREE OF BUCKLES, BELTS, AND ZIPPERS.*