Preschool Gymnastics

Our Gymnastics classes allow all children to shine!

Bright Stars Gymnastics Academy offers programs designed to promote age-appropriate skill development in the fun and safe environment of our state of the art facility.  Your child will be able to build an athletic foundation for all sports through the strength, flexibility, and coordination that only the challenge of gymnastics can offer.  As the children progress, we seek to develop such principles as goal setting, time management, sportsmanship, dedication, and discipline.  All of which are important life-skills taught in each and every one of our programs.  All of these aspects of learning contribute to a positive self-image and personal success. Bright Stars utilizes the newest and most innovative gymnastics techniques and equipment to introduce technical gymnastics training.  Spotting and safety mats are used to introduce new skills.

Preschool Gymnastics Classes

At Bright Stars, we know that there is no better time for your children to grow and learn more rapidly than from the age of 1 until they enter Kindergarten. Our preschool classes and gymnastics lesson plans were designed with that in mind. All of our preschool gymnastics classes are taught in our main gym, in an area specifically designated with preschool equipment. Your child will participate in age-appropriate activities designed to enhance coordination, strength, flexibility, hand-eye coordination, and exploration while learning gymnastics on specially designed equipment just their size.

Our primary goal is to create a fun environment where we build a strong foundation of gymnastics skills to take them wherever they choose to go in sports. All of our preschool classes have an ideal child/instructor ratio which allows the instructor to have more time to focus on each child.

** All children must be fully potty trained in order to enroll in the Three Pea Class or the Lil' Ninja Warrior Class.

“Bright Stars is very clean and always has exciting events. We are very happy with everything at Bright Stars!”

“Even though it’s a commute from Mays Landing,
I wouldn’t go anywhere else!”

“She has learned more here in the short time she was enrolled than in the other place she was enrolled for 6 months. Bright Stars is clean and everyone is friendly.”

“Bright Stars is clean, the staff is friendly and highly skilled.
It is a beautiful gym!”

“My experiences at Bright Stars have been so much better than other local gyms. They are helpful, inclusive, and professional.”

NOTE: All students progress at varying levels. Children will advance to the next level when they attain specific skills. Please understand Bright Stars teaches skill progressions leading up to specific skills on all events. For example, if a child is unable to do a round-off but has been working on it for a period of time, he/she is likely able to do several of the progressions leading up to that skill. Please understand children reach milestones prior to attaining a specific skill and we pride ourselves on celebrating growth which builds confident children.