Bright Stars has always been safe and the cleanest gym we’ve ever been to even prior to the pandemic. They have truly gone above and beyond since with health screenings, temp checks, giant hand sanitizers throughout the gym, new cleaning technology, and masks worn by all the coaches. It’s truly been a positive experience having our children go to classes , camps, and training without worrying and letting the kiddos have a great time always. We love Bright Stars!

-Dana K.

I couldn’t be happier with all the measurements you have in place! From the warm friendly greeting while doing all the necessary stuff to the teacher/interactions as they work hard to reassure the classes there are smiles behind the msks. We are so grateful! The smaller classes are a huge bonus as well. you are all doing a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WONDERFUL job!!!
-Amy V.

Just simply by being open for our kids is all the safety my family needs. It has brought enjoyment to my youngest and piece of mind to me that he will hopefully not fall behind in his social skills.
-Julia G.

You are going above and beyond to insure the safety of all. I'm not sending my son to in-school learning in September because I don't feel they're doing enough. I'm completely comfortable every time he's at Bright Stars. Thank you!!
-Rebecca M.

Bright Stars has done such an amazing job keeping our family comfortable! Lily takes swimming lessons and is always greeted at the door by a super friendly staff member with sanitizer and temp checks. They always get her laughing and smiling! We love Bright Stars!
-Elizabeth H.

Bright Stars had and will always care about the well being of our kids first and foremost. They’ve kept up to the new standards above and beyond expectations  Frankie and Alex are so happy to be back in the gym.
-Kimberly M.
Jimmy is enrolled in Swim, Warrior and attends your camp 2 days a week. Honestly, I wish all the schools would take a page out of your book on how to run under these new guidelines. Bright Stars has always been a very clean facility and very organized. I never once doubted my child's safety there even before all of this. I love the COVID screening forms. I printed them on colored paper at home to color coordinate with the different classes. Bright Stars really does care!
-Devon O.

Cleanest gym I’ve ever been in! Can’t beat the giant bottles of hand sanitizer while entering the gym. I feel very comfortable having my little ones in both camp and class at Bright Stars!
-Elizabeth K.

Bright Stars gave us a sense of normalcy during unprecedented times. Before summer camp and swim lessons began last month, my heart broke on a daily basis as I watched my 5 year old son endure day after day of isolation. His little world had been turned upside down overnight and his anxiety, boredom, and loneliness was palpable. Thank you Bright Stars for successfully implementing responsible restrictions while not causing further emotional trauma by creating a too restrictive and unnatural environment. It’s truly a thin line to walk and you pulled it off perfectly!
-Leanne C.

After attending summer camp, and now back to weekly classes, we are so comfortable with the safety and cleanliness of Bright Stars.The screening station at your entrance, along with a friendly staff member doing temperature checks and a quick hand sanitizing station, sets a great tone for a safe screening before the kids even enter the door. We have total confidence in the Bright Stars staff and love that you use bioblast cleaning and U/V lighting. Very comfortable and trust the staff there completely!
-Stacie B.
Bright Stars has always been incredibly clean and well-run, and this time is no different. It is of great comfort to me that there are careful measures in place for health and safety. There have been *very few* indoor places I have taken my children to this spring and summer, and Bright Stars is one of them because I have trust that all is being done right. High ceilings, frequent cleaning, screenings, and distancing in classes puts me at ease. As always, thank you!
-Jacki L.


After watching all of the safety measures that were being taken during quarantine, I felt comfortable enough to send Leah to camp and summer gymnastics. She is so happy to have interaction and to be back in the gym!
-Julie A.


We feel so safe letting Riley attend class with Miss Laura. We love that they are screened before heading inside and everything is wiped down regularly. I've seen things being cleaned right after a kid touches it and it makes me feel safe especially when it comes to the well-being of my babygirl.
-Lauren P.

My children have been attending camp all summer and Bright Stars has exceeded all expectations with following guidelines and keeping them healthy while remaining active. Daily temperature checks and surveying parents continue to keep everyone on top of the health and safety priorities. Thank you for having this summer camp to allow those of us who are essential employees to continue to work.
-Leslie M.
We are extremely comfortable with your process, health screening and smaller classes are an added bonus. Thank you for giving our children a bit of their routine back.
-Jeni T.

My daughters were elated to return to something they love! Thank you for being brave enough to overcome! Love the safety measures! THANK YOU!!!
-Chrissy H.


Bright Stars has made us feel extremely comfortable to send our kids back because of how proactively you have handled this entire situation. I think you sent out your preliminary staged plan to keep the environment safe before anyone (schools, business, etc) was even really talking about it. You continued to tweak those plans as the weeks went on. And you didn’t disappoint once the doors were open. You created a clean, safe environment where our kids can enjoy, safely socialize, stay fit and be kids all while keeping the minds of the parents’ at ease. Thank you!!!
-Christine B.